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Welcome to AMAKA,
the platform that revolutionizes the way of travelling

Why (only) Amaka

All the travels of the world

Our trips designed by the best and awarded local “Travel Experts”

To experience every destination of the world authentically, be inspired by the travel proposals of our “on-site” experts. Those who will then assist you, guaranteeing a unique and safe experience at the same time.

As you want it

The first online platform that allows you to customize every single travel detail in real time

Why spending days to organize your trip? Why using dozens of different apps, with infos, reviews, tickets and vouchers scattered on your desktop? Thanks to the first dinamic technology for trip customization, here you can create your trip from scratch or from our itineraries: choose a destination, define its duration,add all the services you need, read the reviews, monitor the price and purchase. In real time and in a few clicks.

At the best price

The first online platform that maximizes savings for your travels

Amaka provides you with the first technology available online to optimize the price of your trip. From now, you will not only buy at the best price, you will leave at the best price.