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Viaggio in Australia and New Zealand

Discover the New World

Cultures with ancestral references, the intense blue of the ocean and white sandy beaches full of surfers and travellers seeking a corner of paradise where they can indulge in total relaxation: Australia and New Zealand are this and more. Framed by the Pacific and Indian oceans, the land of the "Aussies" fascinates with its contrast between sparkling cities - the futuristic Sydney and Melbourne - and pure nature. Between the bouncing marsupials of Kangaroo Island and the rainforest of Daintree National Park, you'll feel like a true explorer! But Oceania has a heart that also beats to the tribal rhythm of the Maori and New Zealand is the perfect place for diving into these ancient cultures: visit Tolkien's "Middle Earth" to explore iconic places such as the nature of Glenorchy and Wanaka, and the sunny vineyards of the Marlborough region in Blenheim. Keep reading
15 trips found

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