Safari in Namibia and seaside relaxation in Seychelles

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Embark on a grand tour of Namibia that touches all its highlights: from Windhoek to its national parks, to the suggestive horizons of the desert. Then fly to Seychelles to indulge in relaxation on its idyllic beaches. Keep reading

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Discover the stops of the journey



Capital of Namibia, cosmopolitan and energetic

1 Night

The Lutheran church of Christuskirche
The nature of Windhoek
The statue of the president
Panorama of Windhoek
The Lutheran church

Cosmopolitan and energetic, Windhoek is the capital of Namibia full of museums, military fortresses (among which the Alte Feste, or Old Fortress, of 1890 stands out), bistros and art galleries.
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Etosha National Park

“Pleasant white place”

2 Nights

Two lionesses at Etosha Est
Sunset over Etosha National Park
A giraffe in the savannah
Elephants in Est Etosha
Anthelope in the Etosha Park

In the language of the Ovambo tribe, "etosha" means "pleasant white place".
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Rugged and wild desert with unique details

1 Night

The rocks of Damaraland at sunset
Damaraland's landscapes
Damaraland's landscape
Cave art in Damaraland
Sunrise over Damaraland

A wild and picturesque desert lies to the northwest of Namibia.
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Walvis Bay

Whale watching in Namibia

1 Night

Sandwich Bay
The salt pans of Walvis Bay
The jackals of Walvis Bay
The pink flamingos in Walvis Bay
The dunes of Sandwich Harbor

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, let the colours of Walvis Bay surprise you.
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A unique desert with a haunted atmosphere

3 Nights

The Sossusvlei valley
Dead Vlei
The red sand dunes
Dunes of Sossusvlei

Be enchanted by the colours of the spectacular Namib Desert.


Kalahari Desert

The red sands of the desert

2 Nights

The great dune
Kalahari desert at sunset
Suricates in Kalahari desert
Kalahari desert

The Kalahari Desert is a particular territory: in fact, a few centimetres of rain annually bathe its evocative landscape made of undulating red sand dunes, but the rain is so scarce that it has earned it the nickname "desert".
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1 Night

We know: you have already been here.
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In Mahé you will make a necessary stop to "break" the journey or for a logistical change (for example, leaving the car to take a flight or a ferry).
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Natural reserves and lots of relaxation

3 Nights

The sea of Praslin
The beach of Praslin
Praslin from above
Praslin at sunset

Forget your worries among the sea coconut palms and the large granite boulders decorating the beaches of Praslin, one of the most bewitching and relaxing islands of the Seychelles.
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Recommended activities

  • Sunset cruise to La Digue, Coco and Felicité on the Oplezir catamaran
  • La Plaine Hollandaise nature trail from Praslin
  • Le Ravin de Fond Ferdinand nature trail from Praslin

La Digue

Relax in the shade of the pink granite rocks

3 Nights

Granite rock
La Digue's beaches
La Digue
Air view of La Digue

La Digue is a paradise island: crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches that never seem to end and a tropical climate make it perfect for an escape in search of absolute relaxation.
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The older sister of the Seychelles islands

1 Night

Mahé coast
Mahé beach
The Mahé archipelago
The island of Mahé

The oldest sister of the islands of the archipelago, Mahé, was initially discovered by the French in 1770 but doesn't seem to show any sort of signs of ageing.
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