Travel to Namibia, from Windhoek to Etosha National Park

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Almost as if it had emerged from a painter's canvas, Namibia opens your eyes with its inimitable colours, ready to amaze you thanks to its natural wonders. Immerse yourself in its landscapes, experience the best of this land of contrasts. Keep reading

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Capital of Namibia, cosmopolitan and energetic

1 Night

The Lutheran church of Christuskirche
The nature of Windhoek
The statue of the president
Panorama of Windhoek
The Lutheran church

Cosmopolitan and energetic, Windhoek is the capital of Namibia full of museums, military fortresses (among which the Alte Feste, or Old Fortress, of 1890 stands out), bistros and art galleries.
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A unique desert with a haunted atmosphere

3 Nights

The Sossusvlei valley
Dead Vlei
The red sand dunes
Dunes of Sossusvlei

Be enchanted by the colours of the spectacular Namib Desert.


Walvis Bay

Whale watching in Namibia

2 Nights

Sandwich Bay
The salt pans of Walvis Bay
The jackals of Walvis Bay
The pink flamingos in Walvis Bay
The dunes of Sandwich Harbor

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, let the colours of Walvis Bay surprise you.
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Rugged and wild desert with unique details

2 Nights

The rocks of Damaraland at sunset
Damaraland's landscapes
Damaraland's landscape
Cave art in Damaraland
Sunrise over Damaraland

A wild and picturesque desert lies to the northwest of Namibia.
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Etosha National Park

“Pleasant white place”

2 Nights

Two lionesses at Etosha Est
Sunset over Etosha National Park
A giraffe in the savannah
Elephants in Est Etosha
Anthelope in the Etosha Park

In the language of the Ovambo tribe, "etosha" means "pleasant white place".
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Mall of Northern Namibia, among cheetahs and crocodiles

1 Night

Cheetah in Otjiwarongo
Safari camp in Otjiwarongo
The Waterberg Park
Waterberg Plateau
Waterberg Safari

Located between Windhoek and Etosha National Park, Ojtiwarongo is an extremely important agricultural and commercial centre for Namibia.
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1 Night

We know: you have already been here.
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