Namibia and Zambia, safari and hot-air balloon ride over the desert

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Has Africa always been on your bucket list but you don’t know where to start? We understand you well, such a large continent is not easy to explore. Let us take you to its highlights, in this country entirely to be discovered. Keep reading

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Capital of Namibia, cosmopolitan and energetic

1 Night

The Lutheran church of Christuskirche
The nature of Windhoek
The statue of the president
Panorama of Windhoek
The Lutheran church

Cosmopolitan and energetic, Windhoek is the capital of Namibia full of museums, military fortresses (among which the Alte Feste, or Old Fortress, of 1890 stands out), bistros and art galleries.
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A unique desert with a haunted atmosphere

2 Nights

The Sossusvlei valley
Dead Vlei
The red sand dunes
Dunes of Sossusvlei

Be enchanted by the colours of the spectacular Namib Desert.


Walvis Bay

Whale watching in Namibia

3 Nights

Sandwich Bay
The salt pans of Walvis Bay
The jackals of Walvis Bay
The pink flamingos in Walvis Bay
The dunes of Sandwich Harbor

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, let the colours of Walvis Bay surprise you.
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1 Night

We know: you have already been here.
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Okavango Delta

A complex water system to be discovered

2 Nights

On a mokoro boat at sunset in the Okavango Delta
The nature of the Okavango Delta
View on the river of the Okavango Delta
Leopard in the nature of the Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta River at sunset
Hippos of the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta rises in the heart of the arid lands of Botswana and is one of the largest water systems on the planet.
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Chobe National Park

Get your safari gear on and enjoy

2 Nights

The big five of Chobe National Park
Safari and elephants
The giraffes in Chobe National Park
Safari and adventure in the park
The big five of Chobe National Park
The big five of Chobe National Park

Grab your camera, jump in a Jeep and enjoy Chobe National Park, which boasts the most diverse range of animal life found in any of Africa's parks.
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Victoria Falls

The power of nature at 120 metres in height

2 Nights

Sunset over Victoria Falls
Victoria falls from above
Victoria falls from above
Victoria falls landscape
Rainbow over Victoria falls

The Victoria Falls will captivate you with their grandeur and natural beauty.
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Lively economic centre of South Africa

1 Night

The city of Johannesburg
The Golden Reef
Nelson Mandela Bridge
The skyscrapers in Johannesburg
Johannesburg's skyline

Lively Johannesburg is located in the centre of the Transvaal plateau, and its foundation is linked to the gold mining activities of the 19th century.
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