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As with everything, technology helps us even when traveling, but it can't do everything. In some cases, that extra "human" touch will still be needed. That's why we created the "Handmade" collection. A collection that includes trips that we define as "Phygital", that is to say, those trips that cannot be automatically planned and purchased on the platform, but which need the intervention of our Travel Specialists or the local agencies we work with, to study the best solutions and design an unforgettable tailor made trip. If you choose one of these trips, just fill in the form that you will find as soon as you start configuring it and wait for the AMAKA team to contact you to start creating your "à la carte" adventure. You will have the pleasure of defining the trip with our experts who will be able to better organize your new adventure. After all, AMAKA is real, AMAKA is human!

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71 travels found

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