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The unmissables

Think of Amaka as a big library, a treasure that will broaden your horizons by traveling and discovering new traditions and cultures: find out our collection “The unmissables”, created for those who want only the best. The impressive ice wall of Perito Moreno overlooks the Argentinian lands, as the Niagara Falls dominate both the United States and Canada, inebriated by the thunderous sound of one of the main landmarks of America. Follow the footsteps of Gorillas on an intriguing trek into Rwanda’s nature, and let the spirituality of Japanese temples embrace you, before finding your inner self in the mystical lands of India. But the adventures are not over yet: from Gaudì’s extravagant architecture in Barcelona to the Namibian shades of colors, you cannot but fall in love with the collection “The unmissables”, made in AMAKA.

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20 travels found

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