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Travel to Turkey, from Cappadocia to Çanakkale

Travel type Tour
Suggested nights 14 Nights
Paesi Turkey
The best period is April, May, June, July, August, September, October You can travel also in January, February, March, November, December
Experience type Family Holidays, History and Culture, On the road, With friends
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What are the treasures of Turkey? Its thousand-year-old cities? The breath-taking landscapes of Cappadocia? Or the rich local cuisine? We can’t pick, so it’s best we take you to experience all these different shades of Turkey. Keep reading

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Discover the stops of the journey



Chaotic, intriguing, paradoxical

3 Nights

Suleymaniye Mosque
Hagia Sophia
Blue Mosque by night
The Bosporus at sunset
The interior of the Blue Mosque
The Bosphorus Bridge
Church of Hagia Sophia and the gardens
Galata Tower seen from the historic center

Istanbul shines with its own light, whether you're in one of the traditional bazaars or admiring the sunset from the Bosphorus, the strait that divides Asia and Europe and the two sides of the former Constantinople.
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Recommended activities

  • Istanbul: Full Day Old City Tour
  • Istanbul Princes Islands Tour
  • Istanbul Ottoman Relics Afternoon Tour


A city carved into the bowels of the rock

3 Nights

Panorama of Uçhisar
The castle of Uçhisar
Uçhisar National Park
Uçhisar di sera

As the perfect base for exploring Cappadocia, the city of Uçhisar is perched on the foot of an ancient fortress, unique in its kind.
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The village with cunning inhabitants

3 Nights

Sirince village
Houses of Sirince
The narrow streets of the village of Sirince
Sirince village from above

Once upon a time there was a Turkish village called Çirkince, meaning "ugly".
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The ruins of the city of Aristotle

2 Nights

The temple of Asso
The old port of Assos
The ancient city of Assos
The sea of Assos

Going up the steep streets of the village of Behramkale, you reach the top of the acropolis where the Doric columns of the archaic temple of Athena from the 6th century BC stand, protecting a deep blue sea that separates the mainland from the island of Lesvos.
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The city of Troy, between history and nightlife

2 Nights

Çanakkale mountains
Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial
The Dardanelles

A popular destination for students and groups looking for nightlife, so much so as to be considered a Turkish Mykonos, Çanakkale is located right at the gates of Asia and was a city of great military importance in the past for this reason, especially for its proximity to the mythical Troy.
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A city full of life surrounded by legendary ruins

1 Night

İzmir Clock Tower
Ephesus site
Panorama of Izmir
Mosque in Izmir

Located in the central-western part of Turkey, Izmir is a city with a distinctly Middle Eastern charm.
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Recommended activities

  • Izmir Shore Excursion: Day Trip to Ephesus and Hou
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